Name : Pokemon Throwback: Kanto Refined
Remake by : RichterSnipes
Remake from : Fire Red
  • The first thing Richter has paid his attention is the soundtrack. Right, one of the most important parts of every Pokemon games is its soundtrack system. In this Throwback version, you will experience the 8bit sound on Gameboy Color one more time with a device called GB Player. It is a completely separate sound bank with the recreated 8-bit soundtrack from Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow (and a little bit from Gold/Silver/Crystal). These tracks are available in stereo format
  • All the Pokemon in Gen I and Gen II are too enough for a complete Kanto story. You will have all of them throughout this game
  • The clothes of our characters remain the same in Gameboy Color
  • When using Cut to cut the trees, they will be cut down forever
  • You can use TMs for infinite
  • No more fainted Pokemon with the Poison status. Your Pokemon will survive with 1 HP
  • Many useless tutorials have been removed, including the intro screens, little girl, help sign in your room, Teachy TV, and Oak’s advice during your fist battle
  • And much more changes are waiting for you…
  • Link Download