Name : Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas
Remake by : Joexv
Remake from : Fire Red
  • This game is a Nuzlocke hack, which means it is very difficult right from the beginning with many different Nuzlocke rules
  • Many portable healing stations on the way to be a hero. They can be used only once, so use them wisely
  • Very few trainers appear. Your money will be low and there are no annoying battles of the trainers
  • The chance of encouting the wild Pokemon is increased
  • Each map contains a high level Pokemon. At the same time, it has a rare weak level Pokemon, too
  • A nice system that is based off of choices
  • There are two different endings now
  • After being fainted, your Pokemon will be gone
  • You can have many hidden items and money
  • Link Download