Name : Pokemon Skyline
Remake by : destinedjagold
Remake from : Ruby
  • A new region called Crest is waiting. It is located far east from the Kanto Region. It usually welcomes countless thunder storms due to the mass ocean around
  • You are the hero from Hoenn Region
  • Your starter will be Eevee
  • All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III
  • Team Aqua is back for more
  • The National Dex will be much better than a normal Pokedex
  • If you want to battle with wild trainers, you have to talk to them
  • After receiving a new badge, you can re-battle every trainers who you have encounter before
  • If you beat a gym leader of a town, there will be an NPC who reward you
  • The weather system is available
  • You will not be alone in this game. You have rivals
  • The Chip-Battle mini game is back once more
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