Name : Pokemon Ruby Renev
Remake by : AtecainCorp.
Remake from : Ruby
  • Two regions at the same time: Hoenn, Johto
  • 75 new Pokemon
  • 36 Mega Evolution
  • 6 Primal Forms
  • Physical/Special Split
  • New types: Fairy and Crystal
  • There are 20 extra moves
  • The Gogoat Riding System will make you abandon your Bike
  • There is no contest
  • New items
  • You have to battle more to level up your Pokemon
  • Some Legendary Pokemon are hidden. You have to search for them
  • You will hear the music of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in Hoenn and Heart Gold/Soul Silver in Johto
  • Day/Night System

  • Feature New
  • Radio PLUG-IN for PokeNav
  • More Fairy Type and Crystal Type moves.
  • Finishing Johto region and their quest.
  • Fixing major Bugs..
  • Implement all cries (Not all Yet Implemented)
  • Link Download