Name : Pokemon Normal
Remake by : FrozenInfernoZX
Remake from : Fire Red
  • The time of this game will be expanded longer
  • New HM08 can be used for Regigigas: Upheaval. This HM is a move to unlock new areas
  • Two new regions Taejo and Seijo with many different quests, also there are two Pokemon Leagues
  • Region Dex (247 Pokemon), Seijo Dex (323 Pokemon), Gene Dex (361 Pokemon). So many Pokemon to catch and train
  • Many kinds of new music in each area
  • Players can encounter different Pokemon according to the time (Morning/Daytime/Evening/Late-Evening/Nighttime)
  • There is also a new money currency. Keep battling or doing quests, you will have enough money to buy items
  • Have the sprites from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Black/White/Black 2/White 2/X/Y
  • HM can be delete now. TM can be re-use
  • New type Fairy
  • New criminal teams: Chasm, Egos, Super Rockets (eh, is this another version of Rocket???)
  • Black 2/White 2 Repel System
  • Each of the legendary Pokemon can have its own signature move
  • The new navigator system will tell you what to do next after finishing a quest or completing a battle. This is much more useful than other versions
  • Regigigas will have new form: Sky Form (with a new Ground Type move described above, Upheaval)
  • There is a Taejo Police Department and Red Light Safety System (sounds like you can play this game safely)
  • And there are so much things to continue to explore…
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