Name : Pokemon Moon Emerald
Remake by : Lukagba
Remake from : Emerald
  • Added Mareanie, Toxapex, Wimpod, Golisopod, Buzzwole, Pheromosa
  • Many Pokémon of changed coaches
  • The Mareanie sprite is not 100% correct, it will be fixed soon!
  • Thanks to Tig Vieira for Mareanie's BackSprite
  • Sorry bro, i dont have many info this hack :'v

  • New Feature V0.7
  • Sprites corrected: GOLEM ALOLA, Crabrawler, Mareanie
  • Added the Ultra Beats, Kartana, Celesteela, Xurkitree, Nihilego
  • Added Tapu Bulu, Dewpider (Capable), Araquanid, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Mega Metagross, Fennekin ( evos)
  • Added new hits: Liquidation, Lunge, Aqua Ring

  • V0.8 Shiny Updates
  • Some upgraded sprites
  • Almost All sprites shinys of Pokémon of the seventh gene updated
  • Chance of shiny Pokemon increased to 1%
  • Mega Blaziken added
  • Added Attacks: Darkest Lariat and Sparkling Aria for the initials Incinerate and Primarine
  • Added Hawlucha, Goomy and evolutionary line
  • Home screen title changed to Moon Emerald
  • Link Download