Name : Pokemon Gaia
Remake by : Spherical Ice
Remake from : Fire Red
  • Many Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI Pokemon are catchable. A variety number of Pokemon will be added to the PC in PokeCenter
  • The new moves are also available with new effects. Some of them are only available in this Pokemon Gaia version, nowhere else
  • New items from Gen IV to VI. You can have interesting battle experiences
  • New abilities for your Pokemon
  • The Mega Evolution is here. Yes, with this newest way of evoluting a Pokemon, you can power up your team to become strong
  • You can reuse your TMs as many times as you want. They are infinite
  • New types of Pokemon appear. This means the newest type Fairy also get its appearance for the first time, the Steel-type doesn’t scare of Dark-type and Ghost-type
  • New sprites for Pokemon and Trainers
  • A new kind of contest: Bug-Catching. With this contest, you can catch many kinds of Bug-type Pokemon and get many valuable prizes
  • New soundtracks for battling and going everywhere
  • Some new updates like running inside houses and buildings
  • Link Download