Name : Pokemon Final Red
Remake by : SAGE - Laflacapkm - DarkDreamer
Remake from : Fire Red
  • At first, the new tiles

  • A completely new Kanto that you cannot recognize it from the first looks. Spend more time to explore it throughly

  • You will have a more difficult game. Yup, if it is so easy then no one will play

  • The Shiny Pokemon encounter ratio is higher than usual

  • A function called Union Room which will gather your friends together and let you battle eachother in an interesting way

  • The Wonder Trade function will let you trade your Pokemon freely

  • After catching any Pokemon, you will get EXP

  • Many inversed battles

  • Battle by turns

  • The Vs Bar

  • More than 721 Pokemon in this game, a big number it is

  • There are two new types: Fairy and Sound

  • New moves, new abilities, new items

  • New evolution items with methods also

  • Some exclusive Pokemon

  • Run indoor

  • Black/White’s Dark Grass and Repel System

  • The Achievements will honor you

  • The TV based on RTC

  • You can have a new device: iPoke

  • New menu in-game

  • Day/Night sytem

  • Daily events will give you manything

  • The weather will be based on your real time clock

  • Link Download