Name : Pokemon Dark Crystal
Remake by : Sky High
Remake from : Emerald
  • There are 721 Pokemon in total. Yes, 721 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI are added with their normal forms – Mega Evolution forms. With the moves list, stats, abilities of these 6 generations are available… your Pokemon collection will be bigger than ever

  • The Fairy Type Pokemon is now have its appearance

  • The Physical/Special/Status Split is on your status screen with an icon

  • The repel system from Black 2 – White 2. This means you can automatically reuse the Repel after the effects gone out

  • You cannot die with the Poison status anymore. Just like Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Heart Gold/Soul Silver, that status will fade away with 1 HP

  • The use of TMs is unlimited. You can use them as many times as you want

  • When catching a Pokemon, you can also get some EXP for yourself

  • The soundtracks are edited also

  • To have more rare items, unlock events and catch uncommon Pokemon… you have to do the side-quests

  • Many Easter Eggs are in this game

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