Name : Pokemon Blazed Glazed
Remake by : tudou
Remake from : Emerald
  • Many new moves from Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI. This make the battling strategies of players is more attractive
  • Pokemon are changed bout Stat – Movepool – Type. There are also altered wild distributions and new Pokemon
  • Some maps are changed
  • Steel-type Pokemon no longer resists Dark and Ghost
  • The Hidden Power move has a base 60 power, this come from Gen VI mechanics
  • You can use Eevee for evolving into many forms: Defense – Offensive – Water – Fire – Sun – Moon. Just use the suitable stones
  • The Mudkips walking around in Northcoast Town and Palmtree Resort are move tutors
  • Scarf Pikachu has much better stats than before. More new moves are learned also
  • Three regions for exploring: Tunod, Johto, Rankor
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