Name : Pokemon Azotic Fire
Remake by : Alpha&Omega
Remake from : Fire Red
  • DS Sprites for characters and overworld

  • There will be Primal Forms and Mega Evolutions for your Pokemon

  • The author has changed the types of some moves

  • The gameplay will be more difficult since trainers – gym leaders – Elite Four get different Pokemon and their combat skills are upgraded

  • Many routes are changed

  • The types of some Pokemon will not stay the same

  • No need to use Cut anymore

  • A cave which contains many Legendaries is somewhere in this Kanto

  • Much more Pokemon in Safari Zone

  • Day/Night System

  • You can run inside buildings and houses

  • The Hidden Abilities are now available for some Pokemon

  • Some Pokemon’s evolution methods are changed slightly

  • Nature Sanctuary

  • Link Download