Name : Dragon Ball Z: Team Training
Remake by : Z-Max
Remake from : Fire Red
  • There are 160 attacks including 130 new attacks (techniques from DBZ) with new animations
  • New maps
  • New overworld sprites
  • Many items were added like capsules, senzu, etc
  • The author has replaced Pokemon by Fighters. As for Dragon Ball fans, we all know who they are
  • You can have 160 attacks in total, include 130 new techniques that come from Dragon Ball Z and 30 old techniques we usually see in Pokemon world
  • There are new maps for some cities
  • The sprites of the overworld are changed
  • The Pokeball is replaced with the Capsule (an inreplaceable element of Dragon Ball series), the Senzu Bean is added, etc
  • You can summon Shenron by gathering all 7 Dragon Balls
  • There are 3 Super Saiyan Gods for you: Goku, Gohan and Vegeta (our protagonists). Remember that you can only choose one base on your starter
  • You can meet Whis and Hit in this game (Beerus is not confirmed yet)
  • V4 Modif
  • 7 new characters: Zamasu, Merged Zamasu, Black, SSR Black(Rose), SSG Vegeta, SSB Gohan and SSB Vegeto
  • 1 new item: the God Stone (for the evolution into SSG)
  • 6 new moves for the new characters: Final Kamehameha, Black Kamehameha, Black Ball, God Blades (the official name "blades of judgment" is far too long), God Slicer, Lightning
  • EVs (Effort Values) have been changed: They were not modified at all before, now each character has custom EVs
  • 10 back sprites have been improved: Frieza 1, 2 and 3, Vegeta, Saibaman, Piccolo, SSJ Gohan, C-18 and Bojack 1 and 2
  • Graphics: a wonderful saiyan space pod in Saiyan Realm, inside the museum (you can't use it however) and dragon ball statues in Enigma Mansion
  • V5 New
  • New Character = Frost(3 forms), SSJ Rage Trunks and Golden Ape Baby
  • You can dispense with Aqua to surf, at last!
  • The National Scouter is automatically given by Brief when you beat the league.
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