Name : Pokemon Dark Realm
Remake by : Duchuy
Remake from : Ruby
  • Transparent Textbox
  • Mugshots
  • Run indoors
  • New legendary Pokemon: Rivengon and Leon
  • Reusable TMs
  • Move Deleter and Move Relearner in evey PC
  • In-game cheats (in progress)
  • Mini games: Follow Pikachu, Racing, Dino Cave, Game Center
  • Safari Zone is now Jurassic Park
  • Bank
  • Tower 100 with 100 floors
  • Lots of shiny Pokemon

  • From Beta 2.0
  • Crashing bug "bilionare in Bank" fixed
  • "red text box" bug fixed
  • Crashing Rockmash bug fixed
  • Mid Kid event now safe
  • "Follow pikachu" mini game updated, this mini game will be closed after you go to Realworld
  • Link Download